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updating the master bedroom {the ORC edition}: week 3

It is already half way point of the One Room Challenge, and I feel I already made some good progress after painting the bedroom a nice fresh coat of Palladium Blue, just like in my inspiration board.
This week I started working on our 6 closet doors! Yep 6! 
I cannot complain about having closets,  but the doors themselves were quite plain.

Well this is no longer true! (I still need to paint....)
The first thing I did was removing the old door handles, they were the same than the actual door handles.

Modern, long handles from Home Depot. I thought that was so easy, especially for the first 2 sets of closet doors, but then:

Huge, giant holes! The one on the right is a 1 1/8 inch hole, and the one on the left is a mix of 4 1 1/8 inch holes!

So I cut some circles out of wood and patched up those holes, and with a lot putty and sanding, it looks OK, not perfect but the doors are 50 years old....
Finally I decided to play with some molding to dress them up. I thought about doing some fanc…

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