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updating the living room {the ORC editions}: week 3

This is week three of the One Room Challenge: the living room edition, pretty much the half way point. And we have progress!

Last week there was new paint, this week, there are curtains!
Well they are almost finished, I still need to hem them but what a difference it makes in the room:

Do not pay attention to the pins, and they are still a little too long, because of their weight, they stretched a little!
The main fabric is from, a linen/cotton mix in indigo, with a cool retro vibe.
And now I remember why, 7 years ago, when we moved into this house I decided to not make curtains and instead use dropcloths, this was so much work, and so much fabric:
12 yards of prints, 3 yards of blue, 12 yards of lining fabric! 4 panels for 2 windows....many hours of sewing and ironing!
And I changed my mind halfway through the project, after making 1 full a fair amount of unstitching.

The addition of the blue made them perfect! And a little wider, as my windows are extra wide (…

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