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a simple family room Christmas decor

We are finally all decorated for Christmas: the tree is all dressed up  and the pillows are out.

The color scheme is actually very similar to last year, but with some added red, and a little blue. I wanted to do a blue/green tree but every time I tried it reminded me of Frozen, which was not what I was looking for!

So we kept it simple, with the kids putting the ornaments where they wanted. I am happy that our teenagers are still interested in decorating the tree.
We added a few ornaments this year:
one from Scandinavia from my sister,
one from Lucketts during our last trip
and one cross stitched by my mom, with lavender in it.
To finish decorating the room, I changed the pillows on the couch, I do that quite often, nobody at home seems surprised! Usually we have mostly blue pillows, but now it is mostly red!
We had our first snow this weekend!
I "needed" a new pillow, so I revisited an old pattern from Amy of Nana Company that I had previously made here

and just made it mu…

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